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Famous Fraternity and Sorority Greeks: Phi Kappa Sigma

Greek 101 has been compiling this list of famous fraternity and sorority greeks for over 15 years. If you find that we have left someone out, have the wrong information or you have a new "Famous" Phi Kappa Sigma initiate, please contribute here. Occasionally there are some errors with the information provided, if you know of any inaccuracy let us know so we can fix our error. If you wish to use some/all of our research for your website or Recruitment brochure, all we ask is that you cite your source as
Thank You and enjoy!

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Name Greek Organization Profession
Roger ChaffeePhi Kappa Sigmaastronaut
B. F. Bane Phi Kappa Sigma1st head of Social Security System
John A. McCone Phi Kappa SigmaDirector, CIA; Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission
David F. Nolan Phi Kappa SigmaFounder Liberatarian Political Party
Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Phi Kappa SigmaU.S. Surpreme Court Justice
Adolphus A Busch IV Phi Kappa SigmaAnheuser Busch Company
A. F. du Pont Phi Kappa SigmaDirector, DuPont de Nemours
Pierre S. du Pont Phi Kappa SigmaDirector, DuPont de Nemours
Charles L. Jarvie Phi Kappa SigmaPresident, Dr. Pepper Co.
W. C. Barber Phi Kappa SigmaPulitzer Prize Winner
Frederick de Cordova Phi Kappa SigmaProducer, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson; Movie Producer and Director, Universal and Warner Bros; Producer and Director, Jack Benny Show, December Bride, Burns and Allen Show, and My Three Sons
Oswald Jacoby Phi Kappa Sigma#1 Bridge Point Scorer in the World, Hold 32 National Bridge Titles
Tom Wolfe Phi Kappa SigmaAuthor
G. David Low Phi Kappa SigmaAstronaut, Columbia Space Shuttle
Stanford Moore Phi Kappa SigmaNobel Prize Winner, Chemistry
Dr. Edward M. Purcell Phi Kappa SigmaNobel Prize Winner, Physics
Pierre Samuel du PontPhi Kappa SigmaFormer CEO of General Motors
William WalkerPhi Kappa SigmaOpera Singer

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