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Discount Code Fundraiser

Did you hear the buzz on campus?

"Greeks don't let Greeks pay full price at Greek 101. New Fundraising Program ensures the more you save your Greek community, the more you earn for your community! There's no limit to the commissions you can earn."

Find out more about our newest program:

How does the Fundraiser work?

  • Sign up for the fundraiser (See step 4)
  • A discount code will be e-mailed to you.
  • Advertise the discount code to every Greek you know (and their parents!)
  • Every order placed online at using your discount code will provide the customer with a 5% discount on their order.
  • You will receive 5% commission on every order where your code is entered. That's going to earn 1 dollar for every dollar the shopper saves.
  • We will send you an e-mail every time your code is used updating you on the money earned and encouraging you to keep promoting your code.
  • Commission checks will be issued only if the minimum amount of $25.00 is earned. Checks will be sent monthly.
  • Program not valid on phone orders, other discount codes, discounted fraternity and sorority group orders (call for details or special requests.)

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Who is eligible for this Fundraiser?

Greek Advisors:

Earn money to bring in educational speakers, cover costs traveling to regional conferences, leadership schools, UIFI, etc... The money is yours for your campus to do what you want.

Greek Councils (IFC, PHC, NPHC, etc...):

Unify your chapters to earn money back on the products they are already ordering. Let chapters work together without requiring a lot of supervision from your committees. Stay focused on their current responsibilities to help your community grow. The more you save, the more you earn.

Greek Fraternity & Sorority Chapters:

Earn money for your Formal, Philanthropies, etc by passing the code to your fraternity, sorority members and more. You can help other chapters save money while you earn some profits from them. Tired of having to sign up for table hours for your chapter fundraisers? Tell someone about this program! This is also a great New Member Class fundraiser that will continue to earn the chapter money after initiation.


Are you motivated? Do you agree that everyone deserves a discount when they buy items online? Earn money while saving others on their purchases. Add this "job" to your resume.

Websites looking to increase revenue:

Place a banner ad on your site with text offering your discount code to save students money. This program is better than most who only offer you a commission on click through or sales, we are offering the customer the incentive to buy with a discount.

National Fraternity/Sorority Headquarters:

We want to help those who support us. Please place a banner ad on your website with text offering your discount code saving members money. You will earn every dollar they save. Use your mailings, magazines and e-mails to parents, fraternity and sorority chapter Presidents and members to help get your code to your members. An "Approved Vendor Agreement" must be signed prior to mailing the 1st check. Contact us to get started.


Did we forget you in the list above? Sorry. Call us to see if we can help you reach your goals.

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How do I promote my Fundraiser?


Send e-mails to every Greek on your campus letting them know to enter your code to save money when they order online from Greek 101. Join up with friends at other fraternity and sorority campus’s to have them spread the word to their Greeks as well. Click here for some sample e-mails to send to promote your fundraiser or create your own.

Check out these samples of some fundraising mails:Sample 1  Sample 2  Sample 3

Word of mouth:

The best form of advertising for your fundraiser is you. Tell everyone you know how to save money when shopping on-line. Have your Brothers and Sisters pass the word how to save money. Buy from Greek 101 and save! Post this message on the message boards and guestbooks you visit on-line. The more you advertise your code, the more you earn.


Do you have access to a copy machine? Pass flyers under dorm doors, around campus, fraternity and sorority chapters, in the eating areas and around Greek housing. Be sure to obtain the appropriate permission if needed prior to dorm storming and distributing flyers. Click here for a PDF of a sample flyer to make (be sure to enter your code prior to printing the flyers!)


Add a banner on your website promoting your Discount Code to every fraternity and sorority member who sees it.
Check out our banners >

The more you save your Greek community, the more you earn.

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